Serpro Consulting Signs BPO Deal - Leveraging Process Capabilities in HR and Ops
Helping Customers - Evolve.

In July 2022, Neebal Technologies, a Deloitte Fast 50 company, signs Serpro Consulting for it's back-office operations. After roughly 3 years of on-demand service model, where we catered to technology development and services, we formalised our relationship with the 15 year old IT organisation that has delivered solutions and services across the globe. This deal enables us to join forces to cater to the demands of the IT industry.

By becoming a strategic outpost for our customer, it ensures success of Neebal's customers and consequently Neebal's own success with a dedicated back office workforce while assuring job security to our own staff. This is part of several changes we have made to our business model in 2022. This becomes possible only when trust is established between both parties through multiple challenges and the mutual benefits are clear. 

Serpro Consulting's process practices in Agile methods are particularly of advantage in this kind of an arrangement. The customer benefits from our speciality in processes improvement techniques by working with our experience consultants specialising in operations,  thereby helping the customer organisation further improve efficiency of their processes in operations, and we benefit from building new services solutions in different industry domains and sharpening our own competitive edge.

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