iOS Developer

Mangalore, India
  • 2 to 3 Years experience with Swift, Objective c.

  • 2 years Object Oriented programming experience or equivalent education.

  • Experience in iterative software development environments (Agile, Kanban).

  • Experience with Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, and other Agile practices.

  • Good experience in using Apple s XCode for software development.

  • Experience in standard debugging techniques such as logging, LLDB, and/or Instruments to localize and correct software defects.

  • Understanding of the challenges related to mobile development including battery and radio usage as well as CPU and memory constraints.

  • Understanding of common design patterns including Model-View-Controller.

  • Hands-on experience using smartphones and/or tablets preferably iPhone and/or iPad.

    Lead time: Immediate.
    Location: Remote