- Because love, is greater than money

Built for the C-Suite

Spend less time asking questions and more time making better choices. Attachē studies organisational behaviour and automates financial planning.

Real-time Enterprise Financial Data

No dependence on any single enterprise platform. Integrate with silo'd systems from all corners and make sense of financial data in real-time.

What-if Scenarios 

Create what-if scenarios and identify the best possible financial outcome. Select the best financial strategy or make your own.

Built for CEOs

Spend less time doing math and more time building the future

Built for CFOs

Have the numbers on your fingertips in advising your CEOs

Built for CTOs

For the ones who wish to move on from time-sheets and back to innovation

Built for CROs

Know your costs and plan your revenue, stay ahead of the curve

Enterprise Ready

Pull your financial meta-data from silo'd systems

Know your finances

Be on top of the numbers at all times

Create what-if scenarios

Check what you control to optimise your bottom line


Let your staff self-help to their financial documents

Organisational Agility

Attache works for your team, so they can lead

Great Value

Save high value time of your entire C Suite leadership

Make Corrections

Make just the right corrections to your strategy

Agility and Focus

Introduce business agility without losing focus

Desktop Compatible

Desktop user experience for those at a workstation

White Label

Customise the look and feel to your brand guidelines

Mobile Compatible

Mobile ready for those on the move


Deploy on premise, leave it under our care.