Junior Scrum Master

Mangalore, India

Experience : 2+ years experience as Scrum Master

Technology domain and background : Industrial robotics, embedded systems engineering, control systems engineering

On-site location : Pune

Management Skills :

  • Must have proven ability to use Scrum and broader principles of Agile methods to achieve incremental improvement of product and process
  • Must have proven ability of using Scrum to transform teams to high performance teams.
  • Scrum Ceremonies : Sprint Planning, Review, Retrospection and Daily Stand-ups.
  • Scrum Artefacts: Product Backlog grooming, User Story Mapping, Story Point estimation (sizing), Velocity planning, Maintaining and using burn-down charts to drive consistency and predictability in driving releases
  • Proven ability in helping teams use velocity charts / burn-down charts to improve accuracy, consistency and predictability and speed to market in product releases.
  • Must be able to explain User story writing techniques such as INVEST, Vertical Slicing and 3Cs and estimation (sizing techniques).
  • Must be able to define 'baseline' user stories in order to establish relative sizing
  • Must be able to conduct planning poker sessions to develop consensus in estimation of user stories by Scrum teams.
  • Create Definitions of Ready before accepting user stories into a Sprint 
  • Must be able to define Definitions of Done for user stories to be 'shippable'
  • Provide servant-leadership to tech teams.
  • Work closely with Product Owners to help prioritise releases 
  • Defining protocols to accept/reject change of scope within ongoing or future sprints.
  • Must have proven ability of using engineering practices such as BDD / TDD to establish in-built quality into deliveries via Scrum.

Technology Skills :

  • Proven track record of working with teams made of cross-functional skills in the electronics/robotics/embedded electronics, control systems industries.
  • Previous work environments must have included working with teams in Robotics, embedded programming, PID controllers, control systems (simulation/modelling), Mechanical Design, 3D modelling, cloud based servers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • In addition to the ability to understand tech needs of software engineers, hardware design and development engineers, embedded programmers, 3D modellers,cloud architects, devops engineers
  • Should be able to help teams to self-organise around a problem statement.