About Us

Welcome to Serpro Consulting, where expertise meets innovation in the realms of technology and business transformation. Since our inception in 2017, we have been at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions through our core competencies in consulting, technology implementation, and training services.

Our Mission: At Serpro Consulting, we specialize in guiding medium to large-scale enterprises towards lean and agile practices, ensuring they navigate their transformation journeys with seamless efficiency.

Global Impact: Our influence extends across multiple industries, time zones, and cultural landscapes. We've collaborated with companies and institutions worldwide, offering strategic insights in R&D, technology development, organizational design, transformation, and market penetration. Our expertise spans hardware, embedded systems, and software engineering.

Diverse Portfolio: Our success stories include transformative interventions in Fuzzy Logic/Machine Learning-based industrial control systems, API banking solutions, Technology and automation of engineering practices in FinTech, transformation of engineering practices in Industrial Robotics catering to Warehouse and Logistics Industry, other Process Transformations, and Technology Transformations.

Talent Acquisition Support: As a natural extension of our services, we assist our clients in acquiring specialized talent essential for realizing their business objectives.

Remote and Hybrid Workforce: Operating with a predominantly remote and hybrid workforce, we prioritize delivering value with the highest standards of professionalism and adherence to rigorous service delivery processes.

Up-or-Out Model: We operate on an up-or-out principle, committing to executing projects in alignment with our strategic core competency, ensuring tangible benefits for our clients.

Proud Affiliation: In a significant milestone, we proudly announce our affiliation with Scrum Inc (US), a leader in value optimization and transformation consulting. This partnership signifies our commitment to ethical practices and excellence in our profession.

Join us on a journey where innovation, expertise, and ethical values converge to shape a transformative future. At Serpro Consulting, we are not just about solutions; we are about elevating possibilities.

Our Timeline

Humble Beginnings

We start life as a consulting company under a sole proprietorship registration. Our core focus was on process consulting around Agile Transformation and Control Systems


...we incorporate as a Private Limited Company and take on various other legal and financial compliance.

...our core areas expand into building banking solutions, bespoke software solutions and managed services

such as Test Automation and Cloud Infra.

Braving the seas...

...we capitalise on our process, delivery and engineering disciplines to provide Offshore Delivery Capabilities to our clients.

...we also architect and build our own in-house software product catered towards enterprise financial decision intelligence.

...we move a little more closer to achieve our vision of establishing a Services, Products and Consulting business.

We went through Covid with surgical adjsustments and survived.

Larger Assignments & Recognition...

We are recognised by leaders in the industry. Through our proven abilities in our core competencies, our leadership is invited by Scrum Inc (US) to be a Registered Trainer on Scrum@Scale framework. 

This serves as a recognition of our competency is enterprise transformation consulting. Further, we become Scrum Inc's Affiliate Partners in furthering learning technology products that aid challenged transformations in enterprises.

We earn a trusted name among leaders in the consulting industry.

Onwards and Upwards - 

Businesses can learn the invaluable lessons of continuous improvement and humility from observing the quality of children's thinking, solving, and evolving, fostering innovation and growth while staying grounded and open to learning at the same time.

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