Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner Credential [RS@SP]


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Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner Credential [RS@SP]

Join us for this special long weekend class on Scrum@Scale!

Scrum@Scale is the only Scrum Inc recognised enterprise Agile scaling framework for Scrum. This special long weekend class is priced at USD 450/- per seat with limited seats. Registrations close on 25th January, 2023. Considering professionals with financial challenges, we also accept the fee in Equated Monthly Instalments [Equated Monthly Instalments]. Our Training Operations team will assist you through the enrolment process.

Why Opt for Scrum@Scale?

Scrum@Scale isn't a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf solution where organisations are moulded into a one-size-fits-all framework. It's a flexible approach that embraces the uniqueness of your organisation – recognising the distinct conditions and challenges it navigates. In the modern business climate, organisations are challenged in 4 Mega Issues: Prioritisation, Delivery, Structure and Culture. With Scrum@Scale, you get the structural backbone, and your teams bring in the context. Together, they create the perfect environment for collaboration, innovation, and acceleration, tailored to fit any organisation or initiative, regardless of size. 

Designed for professionals who want to master the art of scaling Agile, this comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and tools towards sustained business agility.

What is Scrum@Scale, you ask? 

It's a framework developed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum, that enables organisations to scale Agile practices across multiple teams, departments, and even entire enterprises. By implementing Scrum@Scale, you can achieve unprecedented levels of collaboration, efficiency, and innovation.

In our Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner class, you will dive deep into the principles and practices of Scrum@Scale. Led by experienced professional trainer, you will learn how to effectively coordinate and synchronise multiple Scrum teams, aligning them towards a common goal. You will also gain insights into scaling Agile beyond the team level, addressing organisational challenges and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Here's what you can expect from our Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner class:

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers all aspects of Scrum@Scale, including the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles, the Scrum of Scrums, and the Executive Action Team. You will gain a holistic understanding of how these components work together to achieve Agile scaling success.
  2. Hands-on Exercises: Learning by doing is the best way to internalise new concepts. Through interactive exercises and simulations, you will have the opportunity to apply Scrum@Scale principles in a safe and supportive environment, gaining practical experience that you can immediately apply in your work.
  3. Real-world Case Studies: We believe in learning from real-world examples. Our Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner class includes case studies and success stories from organisations that have successfully implemented Scrum@Scale. You will gain valuable insights and inspiration from their experiences, helping you navigate the challenges of Agile scaling.
  4. Credential: Upon completion of the class, you will receive a Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner credential, validating your expertise in scaling Agile using the Scrum@Scale framework. This credential is recognised globally and will enhance your professional credibility and career prospects.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner. Join us for our upcoming class and unlock the power of Agile scaling. Register now and take your Agile journey to new heights!

Why Should Employees Be Scrum@Scale Practitioners ?

Taking on the role of a Scrum@Scale Practitioner isn't merely a professional milestone; it's a profound commitment to shouldering responsibility in the realm of large-scale Agile environments. This transformation course goes beyond the surface, immersing participants in the intricate responsibilities of Product Owners, Scrum teams, and enterprise leaders, imparting invaluable insights that resonate across diverse organisational landscapes.

Upon successful completion of the Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner training – an immersive experience spanning multi-day live instruction – participants not only gain eligibility for the credentialing exam but also embark on a journey of heightened responsibility. Achieving the Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner credential serves as a tangible testament to your dedication to mastering scalable Agile practices and embracing the associated responsibilities with unwavering commitment.

Here's what you'll gain:

  1. Navigate Cross-Team Dependencies: Learn to overcome the complexities of cross-team dependencies, emphasising prioritisation at the enterprise level.
  2. Adapt to Market Demands: Refactor your organisation dynamically to meet evolving market demands, ensuring resilience and relevance.
  3. Consistent Product Delivery: Establish a regular cadence for delivering working products, promoting reliability and efficiency.
  4. Enhance Collaboration: Facilitate seamless cross-team collaboration and release planning, applicable to initiatives of any size.
  5. Strategic Transformation: Develop a transformation backlog that scales organisational reach and impact, driving meaningful change.
  6. Metrics for Agility: Gain the skills to measure and improve key metrics for enterprise agility, ensuring continuous enhancement.
  7. Optimise Cost and Value: Learn strategies to deliver twice the business value at half the cost, optimising resource utilisation.

In essence, Scrum@Scale Practitioner training equips employees to not just adapt but thrive in the dynamic landscape of large-scale Agile environments. It's not just about acquiring a credential; it's about acquiring the skills and mindset to lead impactful transformations.

Key Learning Objectives : In order to gain such an outcome, the Scrum@Scale Practitioner course defines the following Key Learning Objectives.

  1. The Scrum@Scale Framework
    1. Purpose and Definitions
    2. Values-Driven Culture
    3. Getting Started - Context Identification
  2. Patterns of HIgh Performing Teams
    1. Interrupt Buffer
    2. Stable Teams
    3. Swarming
    4. Happiness Metric
    5. Yesterday's Weather
    6. Teams that Finish Early Accelarate Faster
    7. Good Housekeeping
  3. Scaling The Teams
    1. The Team Process
    2. Scrum of Scrums
  4. The Scrum Master Cycle
    1. Scrum of Scrums Master
    2. The Executive Action Team
    3. The Agile Practice
    4. Continuous Improvement and Impediment Removal
    5. Cross-Team Coordination
    6. Delivery
  5. The Product Owner Cycle - Coordinating the "What"
    1. Scaling the Product Owner
    2. Strategic Vision
    3. Backlog Prioritisation
    4. Backlog Decomposition and Refinement
    5. Release Planning
  6. Connecting the Cycles
    1. Product & Release Feedback
    2. Metrics and Transparency
  7. Registered Scrum@Scale Practitioner Exam and Credential 
    1. Endorsed by the co-creator of Scrum and Scrum@Scale

  • Download learning objectives:   
  • For enquiries, email

We'll see you in class!


Trainer Bio

Mudassar Pasha is a Registered Scrum@Scale Trainer at Agile Education Powered by ScrumInc. He has over a decade of experience in consulting on Agile transformations across multiple industry domains and organisation sizes. He holds an MSc in Advanced Software Engineering from The University of Sheffield (UK), followed by a tech career in Accenture, UK. He has delivered successful Agile transformations across his career of 16 years.

Transformation Portfolio:

  • Azuga Inc (50 to 75 People). US based telematics company
  • Neebal Technologies ( ~ 120 People). IT Services and Products
  • Prismartec (~ 50 People). 3D Content Deisgn
  • EdgeVerve (Infosys) (~ 250 People) FinTech Products
  • GlobalPayex (~150 People) - FinTech Products
  • Unbox Robotics (~100 to 150 People) - Logistics and Warehouse Automation


Registrations are closed
Date & Time
Friday January 26, 2024
Start - 9:30 AM (Asia/Calcutta)
Sunday January 28, 2024
End - 5:30 PM (Asia/Calcutta)

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